About us

The Concept:

The Celebrity BootBLACK is a curbside shoe polishing, conditioning and restoration application. With the growing passion for contactless subscription products and services, this is the first attempt of its kind to fuse the traditional performance of the service with modern technology. 

The Mission:

The launch of the Celebrity BootBLACK app will gives its users the freedom to enjoy the detailed shoe polishing expertise they have become accustomed to without leaving their office or home. This new service allows multiple pairs of your favorite shoes to be polished and restored all in one order. Our goal is to give you the option of contactless convenience.

Our Target:

App driven urban professionals in today’s culture are constantly seeking solutions to simplify their lives and meet their critical needs. Celebrity BootBLACK offers a convenient, dependable, detailed shoe polishing, and restoration contactless subscription choice for this niche. Corporate accounts, concierge relationships, and individual service accounts (ISA) will be our audience.

The Legacy of Experience:

For decades, our shoe polishing contract partnerships with Hyatt Hotels, Gaylord National, Marriott Corporation, and the Maryland State Capitol Building in Annapolis have withstood the test of time. The subscription curbside product is our way to introduce this service experience to the next generation of image-centric professionals. 

The Feature

  • Expert cleaning, conditioning, polishing, and detailing
  • Repair options available
  • “HIGH END” athletic footwear accepted at $29.95 / suede shoes accepted with evaluation approval
  • Secure credit card payment/ No cash transactions
  • Attractive Celebrity BootBLACK branded valet tote bag available at $4.99 each
  • Free valet pick-up/return
  • All work performed offsite at local workshop studio
  • Rewards program (coming 2022)
  • Limited weekend service (hotels only)